Research, innovation and solutions for lighting culture.

Ilti Luce, founded in Turin in 1990, boasts a long experience in the field of architectural lighting and product design. In over thirty years of experience, the company has left a significant mark on the industry, initially distinguishing itself for the innovative use of fibre optics and later for the adoption of LED solutions for lighting museum environments and artworks. Always devoted to research, innovation and the promotion of design culture, it places experimentation and attention to detail and design among its core values. Its product portfolio aims to respond to the most diverse requirements, proposing lighting solutions for hospitality, retail, museums and outdoors, with a strong vocation for tailor-made projects.

We are an Italian lighting company always committed to research, innovation and creating solutions for lighting culture. We are constantly tailoring products that best suit customer needs, with applications ranging from hospitality, retail, museum, outdoor, and custom designs.

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